Come on with us! Join the SLEC!

We are recruiting!

The SLEC is looking to recruit the coolest and sharpest students in St. Law. Since you took the initiative to land on this page, you clearly qualify!

What is the SLEC?

The St. Lawrence Entrepreneurship Club is a group of students who live their passion for the business world by running entrepreneurial projects, attending and organizing conferences, and taking part in events and competitions.

Why should I join?

The best way to enhance your college experience is to participate in activities outside of class. When you join the SLEC, you join a family of like-minded college students who will instantly make you feel at home, as long as you dig business, teamwork and fun things. Additionally, being actively involved in an entrepreneurship club is a game changer on your resumé! You will have a chance to work on great student projects, like the SLEC Book Market and the SLEC Fashion Show, and get support to launch your own if you want to!

How do I join?


Attend the information presentation on Tuesday, August 30th in room 268.


Click here to apply online by filling up our sign up form.


Go through the interview process.


Get accepted!


1I’m only starting my first year in college. Do I still belong in the SLEC?
2I’m worried about the college workload. Is the SLEC time-consuming?
Yes it is. To be honest, it is not for everyone, since all members are expected to attend weekly meetings and to work on the club’s projects in their free time. Education is the priority here, so if you think you need to be focused on your studies 24/7, maybe adding the workload of a student club is not the right thing to do. However, be aware that it can definitely be achieved as long as you stay organized.
3I’m really interested in entrepreneurship, but I am not ready to get fully involved in a club. Do you have an option for me?
Yes we do! Even if you do not join the SLEC, you can still attend the entrepreneurial events that we organize on campus. If you are not certain that our club is for you, simply come listen to our guest speakers, learn about entrepreneurship, and reconsider an application next year.
4How much does membership cost?
It costs $45 per year.

Need more information?

Come visit our office in room 150 or leave us a message down here or on Facebook. We reply within hours.