What We Learned at the ACEE Colloque of 2016

During the annual ACEE colloque, we had the opportunity to learn a great deal of things. Here is a little overview of what we retained during the weekend.


1. Make your customers love you and they will love your brand. –  Andréanne Marquis

The best way to succeed is to make your customers like you. If they care about you, they will care about your business as well. Be an example for your customers, make them believe in you. Be good and they will want to follow you anywhere and they will make it impossible to replace you. Be your brand. 

2. Be good at what you do. – Jean Nadeau

Being passionate about your job is one of the most important thing, but it is not everything. When you become good at your passions, get educated about it, surround yourself with experts, and allow yourself to continue learning about them, this is when you truly embrace your potential.

3. Do what you want to do. – Étienne Crevier et Jean-Philippe L’Écuyer

If you want to solve a problem with your business, do it! You are able to find the resources that you need to achieve your goals. If you have confidence in you and your project, you can change things.

4. Ideas come to you when they are the least expected. – Nicolas Duvernois

When you try too hard to find THE good idea that will make you rich, you have less chances of finding it. The best ideas come to you when you are not looking for them, when you are not expecting them. In addition to that, these “out of nowhere ideas” are usually the craziest. If your idea is crazy, it might mean it is a good one.

5. Solve problems. – Amélie Morency

When you do something, make sure you are making a real change. This will make you and your company unique. Something does not work? Find the solution and make it happen. Do not stop because nobody did it, do it because nobody did it.

6. Time, Money, Geographics and Domination – Luc Dupont

Communicate with big companies, it will show that even if you might be small, you can think big and be credible. Manage your budget correctly and do not be afraid to use loans. Choose your location effectively, it affects your visibility and may influence your sales and target market. Can you dominate the market you are building a business for?

7. The me I see is the me I’ll be. – Bruny Surin

What made his progress possible was his attitude towards challenges and life in general, as he believes that everyone can achieve their goals if they visualize themselves succeeding. Remaining focused on objectives and maintaining a positive mindset can go a long way against personal and external barriers. Bruny Surin is the living proof of this idea if we look at his success as an athlete and more recently as an entrepreneur.

8. Getting out of your comfort zone is the first step to live fully. – Daniel Blouin

If you never get the courage to get out of your comfort zone, you will miss opportunities to do what you want to do with your life. If you always stay where you are comfortable, at the end of your life, you may regret all the things you have not done or tried.

9. The best ideas are not necessarily new. – Julie Deblois

Starting a business is not just about filling a need, it can be finding a good product and making it exclusive. If people are willing to have a luxury product, make them pay the price of real luxury! They combine business and family to make refined maple syrup and enhance the image of this beautiful product.

10. Starting a business from scratch is great, but what about buying one? – Nathalie Bilodeau & Amélie Lampron

Our generation of entrepreneur has been told that you have to have a business at your image and the only way to do so is by starting one from scratch. Mistake! In the next few years there will be so many businesses for sale because the owners are going to be too old to manage them. It is our chance to take a long-life’s journey and give it a new vibe.

11. Another aspect of a good idea – Serge Beauchemin

In school, they teach us about the 4 P’s, but the concept of TAG D.T.O.C. is about a whole other way of looking at a business. The market size, the domination of a market, the critical observation sense, the timing, and the chance factor are left aside by teachers or mentors, but are some of the most important parts of a good idea. It shows us that to be a good entrepreneur, you can’t just focus on books and what you’ve been told, but embrace all aspects of a market.

12. Start small, do what you love, and it will flourish  – Alexandre Champagne

Helping someone with their dream can look like a waste of time for someone who wants to start growing fast, but it will become big before you can realize it. Everything does not start successfully large! You can start by taking pictures for someone’s business and help with small tasks, but it will pay off in the long run.



By Catherine Hughes and Élizabeth Gosselin