SLEC Announces Election Results for New President and VPs

Quebec City, April 6th 2017 – The St. Lawrence Entrepreneurship Club revealed yesterday three new members on its executive team. These nominees were selected through an election process in two rounds in which all current SLEC members could take part. The first round was focused on electing the president for the academic year of 2017-2018, and the second round was meant for the election of next year’s Vice-President Internal and Vice-President External.

For the year of 2017-2018, Elisabeth Dorion-Lacombe will fulfil the role of president, Francis Dussault shall be the VP External and Ugo Langlois shall be the VP Internal of the St. Lawrence Entrepreneurship Club. There are three other positions two fill. The first two, Marketing Director and Finance Director, will be selected after an interview process that will take place before the end of this May. The last position, Secretary-General, will be chosen among first-year members at the beginning of next year, in September.

The SLEC’s election procedures were approved unanimously by the Club. The voting process took place electronically and was fully anonymous. As for the selection of the next Marketing and Finance directors, it was determined that it would be the responsibility of the President-Elect and the two VP-Elects to decide who would be charged with these positions.

The St. Lawrence Entrepreneurship Club is an organization that allows college students of Champlain-St. Lawrence to demonstrate their passion for business by participating in activities that make them to gain entrepreneurial experience. The SLEC also offers many different services to the St. Lawrence community by sharing its expertise in domains such as finance, marketing and management.