We are the SLEC, the St. Lawrence Entrepreneurship Club, and our goal is to develop the business skills of our members by running entrepreneurial projects, attending and organizing conferences, as well as taking part in events and competitions. We also share our expertise in several domains such as finance, marketing and management by offering services to other organizations within the walls of our college.

Powered by our passion for business, we, the group of St. Lawrence students which form the SLEC, strive to be present in any event or activity that allows us to gain entrepreneurial experience.

In addition to these punctual occurrences, we work on ongoing projects that aim to enhance the student community at St. Lawrence. The SLEC is led by an executive team of 6 officers, and then sectioned in several sub-committees for our numerous student-run businesses, each being directed by a project manager.

Visit the Our Team section of our website to witness the distribution of our responsibilities.


Have a look at the services performed by our members for the St. Lawrence community and beyond.


SLEC Book Market

The SLEC Book Market is solution for St. Lawrence students to make money selling their books and purchase secondhand textbooks at a decent price.

Fierce Clothing™

Fierce Clothing is a service that markets custom clothing apparel for organizations and individuals. It focuses on service and product quality.

Lion Capital

Lion Capital is St. Lawrence's internal accounting firm. Run by SLEC members, Lion Capital offers financial services to other student associations within the college, with mandates ranging from budget guidance to financial statement preparation.


SLECtalks is a series of guest speakers who aim to inspire the St. Lawrence student body with advice, lectures and engaging stories.